1. Equipment:
    1. Any use of available equipment (cryostat, rotary microtome, sliding microtome and vibratome) requires prior training by a staff member of the histology core facility. Training within a research group does not replace it and will not be accepted.

The training request form is on our website (

    1. You must book the equipment before using it. If you do not show up within 30 minutes after your reserved start time, your booking will be cancelled.
    1. Clean the equipment at the end of your session.
  1. The facility is not a shop:
    1. No solutions and equipment are for public use, except if they are stored in places designated as such. Do not open other fridges or cupboards without aksing facility staff or without their permission!
    1. Do not take any material outside the laboratory. You are only allowed to use them at the facility.
  1. You must strictly follow all safety rules:
    1. ALWAYS wear closed shoes
    2. ALWAYS wear a lab coat when working in the laboratory
    3. ALWAYS wear goggles when using acids
    4. NEVER eat or drink in the bench area.

If you do not follow the rules, your access rights can be revoked!

On behalf of the facility,

Jessica Sordet-Dessimoz