Techniques & Protocols

On this page, you will find the diverse techniques we are providing at the core facility (routine work, training and advices) and useful associated protocols.

Tissue processing & sectioning

Classical histological stains


Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence

/webdav/site/hcf/shared/ki67.jpgImmunohistochemistry on mouse skin
for mouse anti-Ki67 using HRP (Horse raddish peroxidase)
and DAB revelation (Scale bar:100um)

/webdav/site/hcf/shared/Polysine_MeOH_nseq_20x_(c2 c4 c5).JPGDouble immunofluorescence on mouse spleen:
CD45 (Alexa568, red)
CD4 (Alexa488, green)
nuclei (DAPI, blue).

In situ hybridization

/webdav/site/hcf/shared/ISH.jpgIn situ hybridization on 14.5dpc pancreas
for the mouse Neurogenin3 gene
performed on the Dicovery automate from Ventana
(Thank to Emilie Gesina for tissue and probe).