Fluorescent and enzymatic secondary antibodies are available at the core facility AI0342 during the facility opening hours.

List of secondary antibodies

Click on the reference number to see supplier page and datasheet. For primary antibodies go on the dedicated webpage.

HCF ID Host Target Conjugation Provider Reference Comment
10 Donkey Mouse Biotin Jackson ImmunoResearch 715-065-150 Not cross-adsorbed against rat IgG
12 Donkey Mouse HRP Jackson ImmunoResearch 715-035-150 Not cross-adsorbed against rat IgG
13 Goat Mouse Alexa 488 ThermoFisher Scientific A-11029 Highly cross-adsorbed (rat IgG)
18 Donkey Mouse Alexa 568 ThermoFisher Scientific A-10037 Highly cross-adsorbed (rat IgG)
16 Donkey Mouse Alexa 647 ThermoFisher Scientific A-31571 Highly cross-adsorbed (rat IgG)
20 Donkey Rabbit Biotin Jackson Immunosearch 711-065-152 Minimal cross-reaction to other species IgG
21 Donkey Rabbit HRP Jackson Immunosearch 711-035-152 Minimal cross-reaction to other species IgG
24 Donkey Rabbit Alexa 488 ThermoFisher Scientific A-21206 Highly cross-adsorbed
120 Donkey Rabbit Alexa 568 ThermoFisher Scientific A-10042 Highly cross-adsorbed
26 Donkey Rabbit Alexa 647 ThermoFisher Scientific A-31573 Highly cross-adsorbed
30 Donkey Rat Biotin Jackson Immunosearch 712-065-153 Not cross-adsorbed against mouse IgG
31 Goat Rat HRP Jackson Immunosearch 112-035-003 Not cross-adsorbed against mouse IgG
36 Donkey Rat Alexa 488 ThermoFisher Scientific A-21208 Cross-adsorbed against mouse IgG
34 Goat Rat Alexa 568 ThermoFisher Scientific A-11077 Cross-adsorbed against mouse IgG
37 Goat Rat Alexa 647 ThermoFisher Scientific A-21247 Cross-adsorbed against mouse IgG
40 Donkey Guinea Pig Biotin Jackson Immunosearch 706-065-148 Minimal cross-reaction to other species IgG
54 Bovine Goat Biotin Jackson Immunosearch 805-065-180 Minimal cross-reaction to other species IgG
53 Bovine Goat HRP Jackson Immunosearch 805-035-180 Minimal cross-reaction to other species IgG
51 Donkey Goat Alexa 488 ThermoFisher Scientific A-11055 Cross-adsorbed
52 Donkey Goat Alexa 568 ThermoFisher Scientific A-11057 Cross-adsorbed
60     Streptavidin HRP Jackson Immunosearch 016-030-084  
61     Streptavidin AP Jackson Immunosearch 016-050-084  
67     Streptavidin Pacific blue ThermoFisher Scientific S-11222  
62     Streptavidin Alexa 488 ThermoFisher Scientific S-11223  
66     Streptavidin Alexa 568 ThermoFisher Scientific S-11226  
68     Streptavidin Alexa 647 ThermoFisher Scientific S-21374  
201 Horse Mouse ImmPRESS HRP Vector Laboratories MP-7402  
210 Horse Rabbit ImmPRESS HRP Vector Laboratories MP-7401  
204 Horse Rat ImmPRESS HRP Vector Laboratories MP-7444 Mouse Adsorbed
209 Horse Goat ImmPRESS HRP Vector Laboratories MP-7405