Primary antibodies

Available primary antibodies

Click on the reference number to see supplier page and datasheet. Antibodies are available at the core facility AI0342 during the facility opening hours.

HCF ID Host Target Reactivity Provider Reference Comment
81 Goat GFP (polyclonal)   Abcam ab 6673  
82 Rabbit Ki67 [Sp6] Human and mouse Spring amsbio M3060 Cryo and paraffin sections
83 Rat CD31 [390] Mouse Life technologies RM5200 Cryosections
84 Rat F4/80 [ Cl:A3-1] Mouse Bio-Rad Abd Serotec MCA497GA Cryo and paraffin sections
85 Rat B220 [RA3-6B2] Human and mouse eBioscience 13-0452-82 Biotin conjugated. Cryo and paraffin sections
86 Rabbit Pan Cytokeratin (polyclonal) Mouse Novusbio NBP600-579 Cryo and paraffin sections
87 Rabbit CD3 [Sp7] Human, rat and mouse Abcam ab16669 Cryo and paraffin sections
88 Rat BrdU [BU1/75 (ICR1)]   Bio-Rad Abd Serotec OBT0030  
89 Rat CD31 [SZ31] Mouse Dianova DIA-310-M Paraffin sections. Do not cross-react with human and mouse
181 Rabbit Vimentin [D21H3] Human, rat and mouse Cell Signaling 5741P Cryo and paraffin sections
182 Rat CD45 [30F-11] Mouse Life technologies MCD4500 Do not detect resident macrophages in paraffin sections (Kupfer cells, alveolar macrophages).
183 rabbit Cleaved caspase 3 [Asp175] Human, rat and mouse Cell signalling 9661 Paraffin sections
184 mouse alpha SMA [1A4] Human, rat and mouse DAKO (Agilent) M0851 Cryo and paraffin sections

General markers

Inflammatory markers